Since 2017

Our Story

Felber & Associates was founded on inspiration to serve others and to have the ability to impact more people. We wanted to start a business that helps people in our community and surrounding areas in ways that truly make a difference.

Our Purpose is to provide professionalism and excellence in service to others through Mental Health Counseling for Life Changes, Growth, and a renewed sense of Energy and Vitality.
Our Mission is to help serve as many people as we can, by expanding our reach to those ready and willing to become who they were meant to be and to discover and fulfill their purpose, while overcoming life's tough challenges.
Our Goals are: to consistently provide value as change agents, fostering healing in a safe and confidential environment to acquire and apply the tools and skills necessary to succeed, and to provide a positive, caring, and structured experience for personal development, deeper understanding and connections, as well as freedom of expression.
Our Core Values guiding us are: Courage, Compassion, and Curiosity.